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Document persistent connection behavior

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    • 1.2.0
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      The legacy driver had documentation for the various connection handling behaviors across multiple versions (see: here). We should have similar documentation for the new driver.

      In particular, this will need to cover:

      • Persistent sockets (but not topologies) in PHPC versions before 1.2.0, which used PHP streams for socket handling and SSL
      • No connection persistence in HHVM versions before 1.2.0, which used libmongoc for socket handling and SSL
      • Persistent mongoc_client_t (sockets and topolgies) in PHPC and HHVM 1.2.0+, which use libmongoc for socket handling and SSL

      Additionally, this documentation should discuss how persistent connections are hashed in 1.2.0+ and explain reasoning for not providing the same API found in the legacy driver (e.g. a close() method).

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