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Remove uuidRepresentation deprecation warnings

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    • 3.11
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      We should stop raising DeprecationWarning when no UuidRepresentation has been specified by the user.

      Note that a similar warning will be added back to PyMongo 3.12 as part of PYTHON-2309 to aid users in transitioning from PyMongo 3.x to PyMongo 4.x.

      Original Description

      We should improve the uuidRepresentation deprecation warnings added in PYTHON-2152. For example, this should raise a warning but doesn’t:

      >>> import bson
      >>> bson.encode({'u': uuid.uuid4()})

      Same for bson.decode(), and json_util.loads/dumps when encoding/decoding UUIDs with the default options.

      Another area to improve is that creating a MongoClient seems to cause a warning to be created but it’s attributed to codec_options.py. It’ll be hard for users to diagnose this warning:

      >>> c = MongoClient()
      /Users/shane/git/mongo-python-driver/bson/codec_options.py:333: DeprecationWarning: Starting in PyMongo 4.0, the default uuidRepresentation will be changed to 'unspecified'. Applications will need to explicitly set 'uuidRepresentation=pythonLegacy' in the connection string to preserve current behavior.
        return CodecOptions(

      Instead the DeprecationWarning should point to line where the MongoClient was created.

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