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UnicodeEncodeError on pickle.loads

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    • 2.2.1
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      Windows 7, MongoDB 2.0.3, Python 2.7, pymongo 2.2, Django 1.3, Piston 0.2.3, mango (https://github.com/vpulim/mango) 0.1,
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      I'm using mango.session, witch stores django sessions in mongodb.
      Storing sessions works ok.
      But when i'm trying to restore session it comes empty.
      When debugging into deeps, found that pickle.loads(pickled) - session_data throws exception UnicodeEncodeError:

      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\pymongo-2.2-py2.7-win32.egg\bson\objectid.py", line 223, in __setstate__
          self.__id = value.encode('latin-1')

      UnicodeEncodeError: 'latin-1' codec can't encode characters in position 3-4: ordinal not in range(256)

      Then i tried to eliminate error and added to except clause UnicodeEncodeError (to existing UnicodeDecodeError and AttributeError).
      Works like a charm.

      Then I tried to reproduce this behavior in IDLE and had no luck. Only see UnicodeDecodeError with same data as I get from db.
      Pickled string looked like:


      Here truncated code from django.contrib.sessions.backends.base.py SessionBase.load:

      from django.utils.encoding import force_unicode
      import base64
      import pickle #django imports cPickle, both work same way
      encoded_data = base64.decodestring(force_unicode('MWYxZWIxYWI3YTg3M2YyNTlmZmQxOWI3NTIzMDRmZjlkYTU5ZDBjYjqAAn1xAShVEl9hdXRoX3Vz\n\
      b2JqZWN0aWQKT2JqZWN0SWQKcQUpgXEGVQxPrbX3vHWeEHAAAABxB2J1Lg==')) #this string came from mongodb sessions collection as session_data
      hash, pickled = encoded_data.split(':', 1) #salt checks pass behind the scene

      IDLE with this code works ok (UnicodeDecodeError supressed) and result dict as expected:

      {'_auth_user_id': ObjectId('4fadb5f7bc759e1070000000'), '_auth_user_backend': 'mango.auth.Backend'}

      But when this run in django app i see that int _setstate__ as value passed some binary value (see screenshot from eclipse debug variables) witch throws UnicodeEncodeError when trying to convert it to latin-1. And self.__id = value in except block (if I add UnicodeEncodeError to except) works right.

      I'm a newbie to python and mongodb, maybe that is my mistake. Thanx.

      See also: https://github.com/mongodb/mongo-python-driver/commit/7474f5cde80fb0bd0e4a1bf4cbb88b4902131810#commitcomment-1354855

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