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Optimize JSON encoding of int, float, str, and None

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    • 4.7
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      When encoding ints, floats, str, or None (depending on the JSONOptions set) our encoder will raise a TypeError and then catch the error and suppress it:

          elif json_options.json_mode == JSONMode.CANONICAL and isinstance(obj, int):
              if -(2**31) <= obj < 2**31:
                  return {"$numberInt": str(obj)}
              return {"$numberLong": str(obj)}
          elif json_options.json_mode != JSONMode.LEGACY and isinstance(obj, float):
              if math.isnan(obj):
                  return {"$numberDouble": "NaN"}
              elif math.isinf(obj):
                  representation = "Infinity" if obj > 0 else "-Infinity"
                  return {"$numberDouble": representation}
              elif json_options.json_mode == JSONMode.CANONICAL:
                  # repr() will return the shortest string guaranteed to produce the
                  # original value, when float() is called on it.
                  return {"$numberDouble": str(repr(obj))}
          raise TypeError("%r is not JSON serializable" % obj) # <---- Will be used for ints/floats

      This results in very poor performance. Instead we can skip the TypeError and directly return the int/float:

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