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Remove previously deprecated methods and options.

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    • 3.0
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      Deprecated configuration options removed as part of this ticket

      • network_timeout (both as a client option and query option)
      • safe (both as a client option and an option for insert, save, update, and remove)
      • slaveOk/slave_okay (both as a client option and a query option)
      • compile_re support is removed from all methods that supported it in the bson, gridfs, and pymongo modules. BSON regular expressions will always decode to bson.regex.Regex.
      • secondaryAcceptableLatencyMS renamed localThresholdMS and changed to a global immutable option.

      Deprecated methods removed as part of this ticket

      • set_lasterror_options (on MongoClient, Database, and Collection)
      • get_lasterror_options (on MongoClient, Database, and Collection)
      • unset_lasterror_options (on MongoClient, Database, and Collection)

      See the PyMongo 3.0 changelog for a comprehensive list of all other API changes.

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