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Implement read changes for CRUD spec

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      This ticket tracks changes to aggregate, count, distinct, find, and find_one to comply with the new CRUD spec. The changes to count and distinct are fully backward compatible. The changes to aggregate, find and find_one will be backwards breaking for some applications.

      The aggregate method will now always return an instance of pymongo.command_cursor.CommandCursor, regardless of server version or options. If you are using MongoDB 2.6 or newer, you can prepare existing applications by passing "cursor={}" to the existing aggregate helper. We will make some small changes in PyMongo 2.9 to allow "cursor={}" to work with older server versions, providing an upgrade path.

      The find and find_one API (for both Collection and GridFS) will change as follows:

      • Changed parameter names (default values and behaviors remain the same):
        • spec (spec_or_id in find_one) -> filter
        • fields -> projection
        • partial -> allow_partial_results
      • The "timeout" option is renamed to "no_cursor_timeout" with its default changed to False.
      • The tailable, await_data, and exhaust options will be replaced with a cursor_type option. Valid values:
        • cursor.NON_TAILABLE
        • cursor.TAILABLE
        • cursor.TAILABLE_AWAIT
        • cursor.EXHAUST
      • The following options are removed, replaced by the "modifiers" option:
        • max_scan
        • snapshot
      • The as_class option is removed. Use Collection.with_options instead.

      The 2.9 PyMongo release will backport the new find/find_one parameters in a non-backward breaking way to provide an upgrade path.

            bernie@mongodb.com Bernie Hackett
            bernie@mongodb.com Bernie Hackett
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