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Consistent segmentation fault in Rails 5 app



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      Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


      I'm getting a weird issue with Rails that I've never encountered before. I put a Rails 5 app using Mongoid onto Google Compute Engine to play with the platform and I was doing some load testing. I used siege and a custom script I made that sends a request, waits for a response, and then sends another request, looping forever. My script is available here: https://gist.github.com/welkie/bf3efa62bab2194d4b679c1f69957d2a

      The siege test fails 1-4 out of 50 transactions consistently and my script gets back a 500 response after running for about 20-100 request response cycles. The debug logs for Rails have a segmentation fault. That massive error message is available here: https://gist.github.com/welkie/e200760852917c68cc9de650362618d3

      I thought this was a memory or CPU issue so I tried a high CPU GCE instance but the issue persisted. Then I thought it was a GCP issue so I threw the same app onto AWS and I get the exact same behaviour.

      Has anybody encountered this before?


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