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general log message improvements for 2.6



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    • Status: Closed
    • Major - P3
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 2.6.0-rc1
    • 2.6.0-rc3
    • Logging, Usability
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      The following log messages are generally not very clear, useful, or consistent.

      • closest to what? What's the context? Should be more verbose.

        is now closest at
            master: in src/mongo/db/repl/health.cpp:410

      • We should better explain what this means here rather than referring to a cryptic internal term.

        Using idhack:
            master: in src/mongo/db/query/get_runner.cpp:127
            master: in src/mongo/db/query/get_runner.cpp:227

      • On log level 0, this is not very useful to users. Should explain what the actual problem is.

        info openExisting file size <var> but storageGlobalParams.smallfiles=false:
            master: in src/mongo/db/storage/data_file.cpp:105

      • Not a proper sentence. Should also use either "collection scan" or "COLLSCAN" like $explain does.

        collection dropped during yield of collscan or state deleted
            master: in src/mongo/db/exec/collection_scan.cpp:140

      • Why are we about to fassert? What is the actual problem? We'll see the fassert in the log anyway.

        about to fassert - <var> numIndexesTotal(): <var> numSystemIndexesEntries: <var> _entries.size(): <var> indexNamesToDrop: <var> haveIdIndex:
            master: in src/mongo/db/catalog/index_catalog.cpp:761

      • There is an almost identical log message at src/mongo/db/mongod_options.cpp:653 with just 1 space less. Should make them consistent.

        **          enabling http interface
            master: in src/mongo/db/mongod_options.cpp:628

      • Seek of what? This should be more detailed, since seek is a very overloaded term.

        Seek failed:
            master: in src/mongo/db/exec/index_scan.cpp:97

      • almost identical message but without ** at src/mongo/util/processinfo_linux2.cpp:450, is this on purpose?

        ** WARNING: Cannot detect if NUMA interleaving is enabled. <var> Failed to probe \ <var> \
            master: in src/mongo/db/startup_warnings.cpp:95

      • Needs to be removed or changed to something meaningful in both places. We can't have a "uh oh" as a log level 0 message.

        uh oh:
            master: in src/mongo/db/index/index_descriptor.h:164
            master: in src/mongo/db/storage/extent_manager.cpp:108

      • "bg" should be replaced with "background", and the (ok) part should be fleshed out a bit more.

        info: key already in index during bg indexing (ok)
            master: in src/mongo/db/index/btree_based_access_method.cpp:83

      • "params" should be "parameters". If this is an "ERROR", should it use the error() macro instead?

        ERROR: No authentication params set for internal user
            master: in src/mongo/db/auth/security_key.cpp:65

      • Should clarify what kind of error and what went wrong

                        warning() << "Planner error trying to build geo bounds for " << elt.toString()
                                  << " index element.";
                   warning() << "Planner error, trying to build bounds for expr "
        master: in src/mongo/db/query/index_bounds_builder.cpp:541

      • This message is a result of an exception. Does the exception have any information about the problem? If so, we should print it out

        warning() << "index rebuilding did not complete" << endl;
            master: in src/mongo/db/index_rebuilder.cpp:70


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