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Creating index with same name but different spec in mixed version replicaset can abort replication

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    • 2.6.1, 2.7.0
    • Affects Version/s: 2.6.0-rc3
    • Component/s: Index Maintenance
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      Issue Status as of April 18, 2014

      If a 2.4.9 or earlier MongoDB primary replica set member executes ensureIndex for a pre-existing named index, but with a different key spec than the already existing index, a 2.6.0 mongod secondary member of the replica set will throw a fatal exception during replication of the index build to that member. This will cause the mongod secondary process to exit.

      The issue is limited to the situation where all of the following conditions are true:

      • The primary replica set member is running MongoDB 2.4.9 (or older) and at least one secondary replica set member is running MongoDB 2.6.0
      • The index build uses a custom name
      • The index build spec is different from the actual spec for the existing named index.

      Note that version 2.4.10 is unaffected by this issue.

      An affected secondary member will exit and then will fail to start up, as it will keep retrying to build the index. To fix the issue, users need to resync the secondary node(s) from the primary again.

      The problem can be circumvented by avoiding at least one of the three conditions mentioned above.

      The patch adds a check for differing index specs. When this situation is encountered on a secondary replica set member, it ignores the index build as a primary does, instead of aborting with a fatal error.

      Version 2.6.0 in a replica set with 2.4.9 (or older) is affected by this issue.

      The patch is included in the 2.6.1 production release.

      Original description

      A 2.4.9 primary node executed ensureIndex for a preexisting named index, but using different keys than the existing index. (I.e. application code and reality were out of sync.) The 2.4.9 primary will simply ignore the ensureIndex. However, this causes a fatal replication error on the 2.6.0 secondary.

      Note that you will only encounter this situation if all of the following are true:

      • You have a 2.4.9 primary and a 2.6.0 secondary
      • You are using named indexes
      • You call ensureIndex with a spec that does not match the actual spec for the existing named index.
      2014-04-04T20:37:23.480+0000 [initandlisten] connection accepted from (76 connections now open)
      2014-04-04T20:37:23.487+0000 [initandlisten] connection accepted from #36062 (77 connections now open)
      2014-04-04T20:37:23.487+0000 [initandlisten] connection accepted from #36063 (78 connections now open)
      2014-04-04T20:37:23.524+0000 [initandlisten] connection accepted from #36064 (79 connections now open)
      2014-04-04T20:37:23.525+0000 [initandlisten] connection accepted from #36065 (80 connections now open)
      2014-04-04T20:37:23.554+0000 [repl writer worker 4] ERROR: writer worker caught exception:  :: caused by :: 67 Trying to create an index with same name cid_1_date_1 with different key spec { cid: 1, date: -1 } vs existing spec { cid: 1.0, date: 1.0 } on: { ts: Timestamp 1396643843000|71, h: -4673813938368258385, v: 2, op: "i", ns: "mmsdbpings.system.indexes", o: { name: "cid_1_date_1", ns: "mmsdbpings.data.customerPings", key: { cid: 1, date: -1 } } }
      2014-04-04T20:37:23.555+0000 [repl writer worker 4] Fatal Assertion 16360
      2014-04-04T20:37:23.555+0000 [repl writer worker 4] 

      Steps To Reproduce

      Here is a simple reproduction case with a 2.4.6 primary and a 2.6.0rc3 secondary:

      [scripts] (v20140325)$ mongo localhost:27000
      backup_test:PRIMARY> db.version()
      backup_test:PRIMARY> use test
      switched to db test
      backup_test:PRIMARY> db.users.ensureIndex({a:1, b:1},{name :'someIdx'})
      backup_test:PRIMARY> db.users.ensureIndex({a:1, c:1},{name :'someIdx'})

      Note that this issue does not affect 2.4.10; you must use 2.4.9 or older in order to be affected.

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