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Reduce peak disk usage of test suites

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      We need to ensure that our test suites never consume more than approximately 10 GB of /data on our MCI buildvariants.

      Currently MCI tasks are taking up to 33 GB of /data space. This prevents us from using ephemeral storage on some EC2 configurations

      Biggest offenders seen so far (see MCI-1449)

      Linux 64/Linux 64 debug:

      • max 33G: qa_repo_tests
      • max 21G: slow2
      • max 17G: noPassthroughWithMongod
      • max 16G: aggregation
      • max 14G: sharding
      • max 12G: durability
      • max 12G: sharding


      • max 33G: qa_repo_tests
      • max 32G: replicasets (Win 32 only)
      • max 31G: sharding (Win 32 only)
      • max 28G: slow2
      • max 27G: replication (Win 32 only)
      • max 26G: tool (Win 32 only)
      • max 26g: auth (Win 32)

      The obvious offenders in sharding/replicasets/slow2 are suites that do not clean up test databases periodically. A simple fix may be to drop all databases every N tests, like smoke.py does.

      Related: MCI-1276, MCI-1449

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