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Read-only views over collection data.

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    • 3.3.12
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      Issue Status as of Aug 31, 2016

      MongoDB 3.3.12 adds support for creating read-only views over existing collections or other views. To specify or define a view, MongoDB introduces the viewOn and pipeline options to the existing create command:

      db.runCommand( { create: <view>, viewOn: <source>, pipeline: <pipeline> } )

      In addition, there's also a mongo shell helper db.createView():

      db.createView(<view>, <source>, <pipeline>)

      Views are readable via the following commands:

      For more information views, as well as examples, please see the Read-only Views documentation.

      Original description

      Support for read-only views will consist of providing a mechanism for binding a namespace name to a (namespace name, query) pair, where the query might be a MongoDB query or an aggregation expression. For example, if you had a collection "housing.apartments", you might create a view

      housing.cheapApartments = (housing.apartments, { rent: { $lte: 1000 } })

      Finds on cheapApartments would only consider those elements of housing.apartments where the "rent" field was less than 1000.

      By using an aggregation expression with an unwind stage, you could produce a view over a database that had one document for every member of an array in an input document, providing another means to examine and query embedded documents.

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