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Add support to create/define chunks in a given shard for empty collections

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      Hi All

      When pre-spliting a large collection that requires a significant number of chunks, the procedure of splitting and then moving chunks to the desired shard can take a significant amount of time. In some cases can be done by making an small initial split and move, and then split with a seed in each chunk, this is not always possible.

      As config.chunks collection is not part of the "API", it would be nice to have a way to instruct the DB to create the chunks in a determined shard.

      Possible options:
      1) pass an array of { min :

      { key : value}

      , max :

      { key : value }

      , shard : name } on the shardCollection command, this only solves the initial creation.

      2) Allow specify the destination shard of a chunk in a split if the left or right side are empty.

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