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mongod --help output should look better



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Trivial - P5
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 2.8.0-rc0
    • Fix Version/s: 2.8.0-rc0
    • Component/s: Storage, Usability
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    • Backwards Compatibility:
      Fully Compatible
    • Operating System:
    • Steps To Reproduce:

      Run mongod.exe --help

      Run mongod.exe --help


      storage.wiredtiger.databaseConfig : 
      storage.wiredtiger.collectionConfig : 
      storage.wiredtiger.indexConfig : 
      WiredTiger options:
        --wiredTigerDatabaseConfig arg   WiredTiger database configuration settings
        --wiredTigerCollectionConfig arg WiredTiger collection configuration settings
        --wiredTigerIndexConfig arg      WiredTiger index configuration settings
      General options:
        -h [ --help ]               show this usage information
        --version                   show version information
        -f [ --config ] arg         configuration file specifying additional options
        -v [ --verbose ] [=arg(=v)] be more verbose (include multiple times for more 
                                    verbosity e.g. -vvvvv)
        --quiet                     quieter output
        --port arg                  specify port number - 27017 by default
        --bind_ip arg               comma separated list of ip addresses to listen on
                                    - all local ips by default
        --ipv6                      enable IPv6 support (disabled by default)
        --maxConns arg              max number of simultaneous connections - 1000000 
                                    by default
        --logpath arg               log file to send write to instead of stdout - has
                                    to be a file, not directory
        --logappend                 append to logpath instead of over-writing
        --logRotate arg             set the log rotation behavior (rename|reopen)
        --timeStampFormat arg       Desired format for timestamps in log messages. 
                                    One of ctime, iso8601-utc or iso8601-local
        --pidfilepath arg           full path to pidfile (if not set, no pidfile is 
        --keyFile arg               private key for cluster authentication
        --setParameter arg          Set a configurable parameter
        --httpinterface             enable http interface
        --clusterAuthMode arg       Authentication mode used for cluster 
                                    authentication. Alternatives are 
        --auth                      run with security
        --noauth                    run without security
        --jsonp                     allow JSONP access via http (has security 
        --rest                      turn on simple rest api
        --slowms arg (=100)         value of slow for profile and console log
        --profile arg               0=off 1=slow, 2=all
        --cpu                       periodically show cpu and iowait utilization
        --sysinfo                   print some diagnostic system information
        --noIndexBuildRetry         don't retry any index builds that were 
                                    interrupted by shutdown
        --noscripting               disable scripting engine
        --notablescan               do not allow table scans
      Windows Service Control Manager options:
        --install                install Windows service
        --remove                 remove Windows service
        --reinstall              reinstall Windows service (equivalent to --remove 
                                 followed by --install)
        --serviceName arg        Windows service name
        --serviceDisplayName arg Windows service display name
        --serviceDescription arg Windows service description
        --serviceUser arg        account for service execution
        --servicePassword arg    password used to authenticate serviceUser
      Replication options:
        --oplogSize arg       size to use (in MB) for replication op log. default is 
                              5% of disk space (i.e. large is good)
      Master/slave options (old; use replica sets instead):
        --master              master mode
        --slave               slave mode
        --source arg          when slave: specify master as <server:port>
        --only arg            when slave: specify a single database to replicate
        --slavedelay arg      specify delay (in seconds) to be used when applying 
                              master ops to slave
        --autoresync          automatically resync if slave data is stale
      Replica set options:
        --replSet arg           arg is <setname>[/<optionalseedhostlist>]
        --replIndexPrefetch arg specify index prefetching behavior (if secondary) 
      Sharding options:
        --configsvr           declare this is a config db of a cluster; default port 
                              27019; default dir /data/configdb
        --shardsvr            declare this is a shard db of a cluster; default port 
      SSL options:
        --sslOnNormalPorts                    use ssl on configured ports
        --sslMode arg                         set the SSL operation mode 
        --sslPEMKeyFile arg                   PEM file for ssl
        --sslPEMKeyPassword arg               PEM file password
        --sslClusterFile arg                  Key file for internal SSL 
        --sslClusterPassword arg              Internal authentication key file 
        --sslCAFile arg                       Certificate Authority file for SSL
        --sslCRLFile arg                      Certificate Revocation List file for 
        --sslWeakCertificateValidation        allow client to connect without 
                                              presenting a certificate
                                              allow client to connect without 
                                              presenting a certificate
        --sslAllowInvalidHostnames            Allow server certificates to provide 
                                              non-matching hostnames
        --sslAllowInvalidCertificates         allow connections to servers with 
                                              invalid certificates
        --sslFIPSMode                         activate FIPS 140-2 mode at startup
      Storage options:
        --storageEngine arg (=mmapv1) what storage engine to use
        --dbpath arg                  directory for datafiles - defaults to \data\db\
                                      which is E:\data\db\ based on the current 
                                      working drive
        --directoryperdb              each database will be stored in a separate 
        --noprealloc                  disable data file preallocation - will often 
                                      hurt performance
        --nssize arg (=16)            .ns file size (in MB) for new databases
        --quota                       limits each database to a certain number of 
                                      files (8 default)
        --quotaFiles arg              number of files allowed per db, implies --quota
        --smallfiles                  use a smaller default file size
        --syncdelay arg (=60)         seconds between disk syncs (0=never, but not 
        --upgrade                     upgrade db if needed
        --repair                      run repair on all dbs
        --repairpath arg              root directory for repair files - defaults to 
        --journal                     enable journaling
        --nojournal                   disable journaling (journaling is on by default
                                      for 64 bit)
        --journalOptions arg          journal diagnostic options
        --journalCommitInterval arg   how often to group/batch commit (ms)
      SNMP Module Options:
        --snmp-subagent       run snmp subagent
        --snmp-master         run snmp as master
      Auditing Options:
        --auditFormat arg      Format of the audit log, if logging to a file.  
        --auditDestination arg Destination of audit log output.  
        --auditPath arg        full filespec for audit log file
        --auditFilter arg      filter spec to screen audit records




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