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provide installation options for windows installer

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      This discussion first started in the forum [1]

      The request is to be able to install MongoDB on windows and not have to do any manual tasks to get the database running.
      Currently you have to:
      1) open an admin cmd prompt
      2) create the data directory (md \data\db)
      3) create log and cfg file for service
      4) run command to install as service

      all things could be solved (on the windows installer) by having 3 extra options (filled in by default)

      1) [Install Location] (textbox, default C:\program files\mongo x)
      2) [Data Location] (textbox, default C:\data\db)
      3) [Install as Service] (checkbox, checked, default)

      The idea is to make the process as straight forward for users who are new to MongoDB

      [1]: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mongodb-user/fk8pxE4gzO4

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