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Reduce file handle usage in File based Sorter

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    • Storage NYC 2018-09-24, Storage NYC 2018-10-08, Storage NYC 2018-10-22, Storage NYC 2018-11-05
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      Per dupuisla, we need to reduce the number of file handles that we used to sort large amounts of data to avoid file handle exhaustion on various platforms.

      See SERVER-14572:

      I spent some time on the sorter.cpp and it is clear that you need to review this code. The FileIterator consume far too much file descriptors. There is no upper limit and increase the number of handle is just a poor fix.
      Why not merge all this in one file and use "seek" to move between the different block instead of creating thousand of files? In my case, I have something like 2000 of these temp files created, so 2048 will be on the low side.

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