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Multiple jstests having issues with the small oplog passthrough

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      These tests will fail if you just run

      python buildscripts/smoke.py --small-oplog jstests/core/<test_name>
      • apply_ops1.js
      • collection_info_cache_race.js
      • eval_mr.js
      • index_many.js
      • mr_killop.js

      This one I can get to reproduce locally with resmoke.py fairly consistently, but only with wiredTiger. Logs here

      • rename8.js

      This one only fails under load, and I can only get it to happen with resmoke.py. So might not be that useful. Logs are on evergreen here.

      • ns_length.js

      This one has only failed once, and I can't repro it. Logs are on evergreen here.

      • mr_replaceIntoDB.js

      There are existing tickets for index_many.js and apply_ops1.js, and I've marked them as sub-tasks of this one. Feel free to create separate tickets for each/any test if it will require separate work to resolve that particular test.

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