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Difficult to tell if running on an openSource or Enterprise version of the server

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    • 3.2.0-rc0
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    • Build 9 (09/18/15), Build A (10/09/15)

      Today there is no universal clean cut way of quickly distinguishing whether you are connected to an enterprise version of the server or not.

      There appear to be 2 ways of programmatically doing this.

      1. db.adminCommand('buildinfo') -> Will tell me whether or not it is an enterprise build in the modules section.

      2. running mongod --help will have enterprise only flags enabled.

      These require that I either have admin privileges to the database or access to the raw binary. There should be a simple & quick way in which to distinguish this in order to make sure the correct versions are being deployed across projects.

      The shell should have some way of distinguishing it, such as

      ajeair:Enterprise Primary>


      Furthermore, there should be some way of being able to easily check from the drivers as well. Whether through the version() or some other runCommand.

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