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Backport changes to RocksDB from mongo-partners repo

    • Type: Icon: Improvement Improvement
    • Resolution: Done
    • Priority: Icon: Minor - P4 Minor - P4
    • 3.0.5
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Storage
    • Fully Compatible

      The list of commits that we would like to backport:

      • Speed up COLLSCAN for oplog
      • Schedule compactions to clean up tombstones
      • Don't let iterations spill to the next prefix
      • Compact oplog every 30 minutes
      • Fix calculation of _maxPrefix
      • Speed up RocksIndexBase::getSpaceUsedBytes and RocksEngine::getIdentSize
      • Enable block cache size to be changed during runtime
      • Optimize insertions into capped collections
      • For each prefix, add a key <prefix> to RocksDB
      • Add support for displaying thread status
      • Change the default compaction to dynamic leveled
      • Fix background index build concurrency

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