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ESE usability improvements

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    • 3.1.6
    • Affects Version/s: 3.1.5
    • Component/s: Security
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    • Security 6 07/17/15

      • Give better startup message when starting with encryptionKeyFile option.
      • Accept providing a keyId that's already stored.
      • starting mongod with keyfile encryption, then restarting with either no encryption or kmip gives confusing error message:
        • no keyfile gives: Invariant failure t src/mongo/base/checked_cast.h 61
        • kmip gives: Aborting due to exception in WT_ENCRYPTOR::customize: Location4043 metadata encryption key uuid string cannot be empty (I'm omitting the full stack since this is straightforward to repro)
      • starting mongod with kmip, then restarting with keyFile. Currently gives errorr: "2015-07-15T18:13:10.305-0400 I STORAGE [initandlisten] Encryption key manager initialized using system key with id:"
      • [nit] Error message for bad keyFile: "Unable to retrieve key system BadValue Encryption key in key has length 12, must be either 16 or 32" should specify the unit; 16 or 32 characters
      • [nit] Error message when keyFile doesn't exist: "Unable to retrieve key system InvalidPath error getting file key: No such file or directory." Missing some punctuation around "InvalidPath".

            andreas.nilsson Andreas Nilsson
            andreas.nilsson Andreas Nilsson
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