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Text query parsing should be moved to TextMatchExpression::init()

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    • 3.2.0-rc4
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    • Component/s: Querying, Text Search
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    • QuInt B (11/02/15), QuInt C (11/23/15)

      Parsing of text queries is currently performed as part of query execution stage building in StageBuilder::build(). This is a problem because StageBuilder::build() is not expected to fail.

      This problem should be addressed by moving text query parsing to its natural home, TextMatchExpression::init(). Unfortunately, parsing text queries requires access to the collection's default language; thus, TextMatchExpression needs to be given access to a OperationContext that it can use to determine the default language. To accomplish this, a new argument should be added the MatchExpressionParser constructor of type MatchExpressionParser::TextCallback, which wraps an OperationContext* and exposes a public method parseText() (see the definition of MatchExpressionParser::WhereCallback, which exposes a similar mechanism).

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