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Wiredtiger develop can lose records following stop even with log enabled

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    • 3.0.7, 3.1.8
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      I was testing a merge of WT develop into MongoDB master. This caused the jstest auth/auth_helpers.js to fail.

      The failure here was due to a user being inserted into admin.system.users not being found following a restart of MongoDB. The user could be found initially after insertion but cannot be found following the restart.

      The underlying issue presented on with LSM in this test case, since creating an LSM table involves creating the LSM tree and a separate LSM chunk (the first chunk). The table create needs to come before the chunk create in the log. When creating an LSM table as part of a larger transaction, the chunk can be created before the table in the log. Which leads to recovery not seeing the first chunk in the LSM tree.

      This issue could also affect non-LSM WiredTiger tables, but is more difficult to trigger. It would require a system crash during an index create call. Could be the cause of SERVER-19274.

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