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improved sysv init script

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      as advised on the mailing list attached is the improved sysv init script to more easily run multiple instances of mongod/s/c

      I have improved the sysv init script shipped with mongod to allow for
      multiple instances of mongod/s on the same server. Basically you can
      rename the script whatever you like and it will use the appropriate
      config files, i.e. if you rename or copy /etc/init.d/mongod to
      e.g. /etc/init.d/mongod2 it will use /etc/mongod2.conf and
      /etc/sysconfig/mongod2 and start/stop whatever it is in there. It will
      also detect if it is a mongos or mongod you want to run and run the
      appropriate daemon. You have to cater for separate pidfiles, ports
      and logs in the config files though.

      The script is fully compatible with the version currently shipped. It is only tested on RHEL, although the same diff can be probably applied to the SuSe version, but someone will need to retest that.

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