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Oplog grows to 3x configured size



    • Backwards Compatibility:
      Fully Compatible
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    • Steps To Reproduce:

      python buildscripts/resmoke.py --executor no_server repro_server21553.js

      python buildscripts/resmoke.py --executor no_server repro_server21553.js
    • Sprint:
      Build C (11/20/15)


      • 12 cores, 24 cpus, 64 GB memory
      • 1-member replica set
      • oplog size 5 GB, default cache
      • data on ssd, -journal on separate hdd- no journal
      • 5 threads inserting 1 KB random docs as fast as possible (see code below)
      • recent nightly build:

        2015-11-19T08:41:38.422-0500 I CONTROL  [initandlisten] db version v3.2.0-rc2-211-gbd58ea2
        2015-11-19T08:41:38.422-0500 I CONTROL  [initandlisten] git version: bd58ea2ba5d17b960981990bb97cab133d7e90ed

      • periods where oplog size exceeded configured size start at B and D
      • oplog size recovered during stall that started at C, but did not recover after D
      • growth period starting at D appears to coincide with cache-full condition, but excess size starting at B looks like it may be simply related to rate of inserts


        1. 1.png
          502 kB
          Martin Bligh
        2. 2.png
          599 kB
          Martin Bligh
        3. 3.png
          596 kB
          Martin Bligh
        4. 4.png
          567 kB
          Martin Bligh
        5. benchRun.uncompressible
          2 kB
          Martin Bligh
        6. diagnostic.data.tar
          189 kB
          Bruce Lucas
        7. monitorOplog
          0.2 kB
          Martin Bligh
        8. oplog_overflow.js
          1 kB
          Martin Bligh
        9. oplog-grows.png
          156 kB
          Bruce Lucas
        10. oplog-unbounded.png
          174 kB
          Bruce Lucas
        11. repro_server21553.js
          0.8 kB
          Max Hirschhorn
        12. truncate_span.patch
          5 kB
          Max Hirschhorn

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