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Add more DataReplicator::initialSync unit tests

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    • 3.3.11
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    • Component/s: Replication
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    • Repl 16 (06/24/16), Repl 17 (07/15/16), Repl 18 (08/05/16), Repl 2016-08-29

      Add tests to cover conditions (need to prio and decide which are important/covered):

      • No dbs
      • Empty db(s)
      • No indexes on a collection
      • Lots of indexes on a collection (more than limit)
      • Losing sync source (due connection timeout versus query/command timeouts)
      • Changing to a new sync source after a failure in a previous attempt
      • Active writes during clones (start OpTime != end OpTime)
        • With new databases/collections create
        • With new unique indexes (and updates which violate unique index constraint during apply phase)
        • With map/reduce, apply ops, drop/create, etc.
      • Sync source rollback during
        • Collection clone
        • While getting latest oplog OpTime (for minvalid)
        • Oplog apply phase

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