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"Fatal Assertion 16360" triggered by temporary collections dropped when restarted in standalone mode

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    • v3.4, v3.2
    • TIG 2017-02-13


      During the process of Changing the Size of the Oplog, one step is to Restart a Secondary in Standalone Mode on a Different Port.

      After the change, when the node is Restarted again as a part of the replica set, the fatal assertion may be triggered. The fatal assertion itself is covered under SERVER-23390.

      However, the issue in this case is caused by the behavior of tmp.agg_out temporary collections which are cleaned after the restart of the mongod server.

      [repl writer worker 14] writer worker caught exception:  :: caused by :: 26 Failed to apply insert due to missing collection: { ts: Timestamp 1476945662000|9194, t: 112, h: 3665423956733067926, v: 2, op: "i", ns: "db1.tmp.agg_out.81", o: ...
      [repl writer worker 14] Fatal Assertion 16360

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