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Minor speed regression (13%) and 'choppy' performance in 3.4 vs 3.2

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    • Storage 2016-11-21

      OS is Win2012R2.

      When comparing my workload on the 3.4rc1 vs 3.2.10 there is a minor speed regression (13%) which appears to be mainly due to some intermittent activity (eviction?).

      I see the cpu spike to 100% every ~10-20 seconds with a corresponding speed drop. In 3.2, the cpu stays relatively flat.

      This is minor but thought you might like to know.

        1. 3.2.10.metrics.2016-10-26T15-56-24Z-00000
          197 kB
          Nick Judson
        2. 3.2.9-high-cpu.metrics.2016-11-04T16-46-06Z-00000
          114 kB
          Nick Judson
        3. 3.2.metrics.2016-10-24T19-17-12Z-00000
          119 kB
          Nick Judson
        4. 3.4.metrics.2016-10-24T19-06-15Z-00000
          164 kB
          Nick Judson
        5. Custom Build.png
          350 kB
          Nick Judson
        6. high-cpu.metrics.2016-11-04T16-20-56Z-00000
          65 kB
          Nick Judson
        7. high-cpu2.metrics.2016-11-04T16-37-01Z-00000
          109 kB
          Nick Judson
        8. mongo.3.2.10.png
          283 kB
          Nick Judson
        9. mongo.3.2.png
          360 kB
          Nick Judson
        10. mongo3.4.png
          383 kB
          Nick Judson

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