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Avoid unwind on multi-key index field for covered index aggregation

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    • Affects Version/s: 3.4.0
    • Component/s: Aggregation Framework
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    • Query Optimization

      I think unwind stage can be avoid when aggregation query only need index field (multi-key index field). And Also aggregation grouping or sorting stage can be solved via sorted index without quick sort processing. (I assume multi-key index has same structure with normal b-tree index.)

      We have below collections which has array field and multi-key index on that field.

      db.mkey.insert({ "_id" : 1, "apps": [ "A", "B", "C"] })
      db.mkey.insert({ "_id" : 2, "apps": ["A"] })
      db.mkey.insert({ "_id" : 3, "apps": ["A", "C"] })

      And we want to aggregate apps and count for each app.

          {'$unwind': '$apps'},
          {'$group': { _id: '$apps', sum: { '$sum': 1 } } },
          {'$match': { sum: { '$gte': 2 } } }
      { "_id" : "A", "sum" : 3 }
      { "_id" : "C", "sum" : 2 }

      This aggregation query can't use multi-key index and need to expand (unwind) apps field of all documents and sort.
      But if this query can use multi-key index of apps field, aggregation can be processed via multi-key index only not data files and no unwind and no quick sort processing. And I think this can be much faster than full collection scan.

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