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Add log message at the beginning and end of each test hook

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      Normal tests log messages in the task logs that show the beginning and end of each test:

      [2016/12/27 11:00:42.461] [executor:js_test:job1] 2016-12-27T16:00:42.461+0000 Running profile_geonear.js...
      [2016/12/27 11:00:45.048] [executor:js_test:job1] 2016-12-27T16:00:45.047+0000 profile_geonear.js ran in 2.59 seconds.

      This makes it easy to see which test did not finish when there is a task timeout. The hooks however, do not have log messages at their beginning and end. CleanEveryN has one at the beginning but not at the end, and the rest do not have any. We should add log messages at the beginning and end to every hook to easily diagnose hangs in them.

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