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Guarantee that replicaset is stable with node 0 as primary after ReplSetTest.initiate()

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    • 3.4.3, 3.5.4
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    • v3.4
    • Repl 2017-03-06
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      reconfig can occasionally lead to the primary stepping down. This means that the guarantee we thought SERVER-20844 gave us, of being a stable replicaset with node 0 as primary, is not always guaranteed. To address this, we should call awaitNodesAgreeOnPrimary() and then make sure that node 0 is the primary. If it is not, we should step up node 0 to primary. In PV1 we can use replSetStepUp on node 0 to accomplish this. In PV0, we can repeatedly call replSetStepDown on the primary with a high step down timeout until node 0 is elected. At that point we can call replSetFreeze on every node with a freeze timeout of 0 to allow them all to run for election immediately if they want to.

            judah.schvimer@mongodb.com Judah Schvimer
            judah.schvimer@mongodb.com Judah Schvimer
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