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Update microbenchmarks to run against wiredTiger in addition to inMemory

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      1. We would use the same command line arguments as before:

      mongod_flags: "--storageEngine=wiredTiger --logpath ./mongod.log --fork --syncdelay 0 --nojournal --setParameter ttlMonitorEnabled=false --setParameter diagnosticDataCollectionEnabled=false --wiredTigerCacheSizeGB 16"

      2. We would only run the standalone variant for wiredTiger, that means without oplog. This configuration does not suffer from the issue with fsyncs being necessary for commits, which was the reason to move to inMemory engine.

      2b. We would not run wiredTiger with oplog on at all in Microbenchmarks. The Microbenchmarks project is specifically designed to NOT do IO, and having one variant that does that would just be confusing and we would probably waste a lot of time trying to understand and reproduce the results. (On this note: hopefully we get sys-perf back in the game soon.)

      3. Unrelated, but the current display names are a bit sub-optimal in the UI. Having the storage engine last, it is often not shown at all in the UI. The word Linux is redundant, as that's constant. So I would rather switch to "Standalone wiredTiger Linux" (with Linux last)

      3b. For same reasons also proposing to change "1-Node ReplSet" to just "ReplSet1"

      4. When we changed to inMemory engine, we didn't change the Evergreen variant ids, because that would have been very hard (we wanted to keep the history). We only changed the display name. So now we have:

        - name: linux-wt-standalone
          display_name: Standalone Linux inMemory

      If we want to get wiredTiger engine back running, I would suggest we abandon this hack, otherwise it becomes too confusing. The variants would then be:

        - name: linux-wt-standalone
          display_name: Standalone wiredTiger Linux
        - name: linux-memory-standalone
          display_name: Standalone inMemory Linux
        - name: linux-memory-repl
          display_name: ReplSet1 inMemory Linux

      5. For clarity:

      • linux-wt-standalone would regain the history of Standalone wiredTiger tests, with a short period of inMemory engine in between
      • What is currently linux-wt-repl is discontinued and history is not inherited by anyone
      • linux-memory-standalone and linux-memory-repl will start fresh with no history

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