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Removed WiredTiger.turtle then all databases are gone

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      Cent OS

      I'm a mongodb beginner from Shenzhen, China, today morning , I ran into a big trouble with mongoDB

      I removed the files below for `service mongod start', then everything goes wrong
      rm mongod.lock
      rm WiredTiger.turtle
      It's really a mitaken I've ever made, then I googled it and tried to repair by command ` mongod --repair`,
      it seems work, but when I try to `show dbs` via the mono shell, there is no db exits any more,
      all my databases have gone...
      afterwards, I google the error log many time , and I have to write to you for help, attaching some files if you need.
      Please reply to me as you will , I really need your help and thank you very much. Please?

      kind regards,


        1. error.output.log
          8 kB
        2. mongod.conf
          0.8 kB
        3. mongod.log
          30 kB
        4. WiredTiger.lock
          0.0 kB
        5. WiredTiger.turtle
          1.0 kB
        6. WiredTiger.turtle.bak
          1.0 kB
        7. WiredTiger.turtle.bak2
          1.0 kB
        8. WiredTiger.wt.2
          124 kB
        9. WiredTiger.wt.3
          10.15 MB
        10. WiredTiger.wt.9
          44 kB
        11. WiredTiger.wt2
          32 kB

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