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Unexpected Initial Sync on Replicaset

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      Trying to add a MongoDB 3.0 instance to an existing MongoDB 2.6 replica set. Following the instructions on how to do this I tried the following steps.

      From the Primary, called 1e-26, I added the new instance "1c:27107" to the replica set.
      Took an EBS snapshot of data volume of 1e-26
      Stopped the mongod service on new instance, 1c.
      Created an EBS volume of from the 1e-26 snapshot.
      Attached the volume to 1c as the new data volume
      Restarted the mongod service

      I expected 1c to use the data from the snapshot to speed up the sync with 1e-26, but instead it removes all the data and starts and initial sync. We cannot upgrade to MongoDB 3+ until we can solve the problem of how to restore a MongoDB instance from an EBS Snapshot.

      With MongoDB 2.6 and prior. It was a simple matter to start a mongd service with the latest EBS snapshot and add the new instance from the primary. This approach no longer works.

      Attached are the log files from 1e-26, 1c and the configs

        1. 1c.log
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        2. 1e-26.log
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        3. mongod3-0.conf
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        4. mongodb2-6.conf
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