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Legacy query and getMore should appear in a consistent format across currentOp, profiler and logs

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    • 3.5.5
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    • Component/s: Querying
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    • v3.4
    • Query 2017-03-27

      The following inconsistencies exist in how legacy query/getMore are represented in diagnostic output:

      In currentOp:

      • Legacy queries are upconverted to resemble find commands.
      • Legacy getMores are not upconverted. The original query filter, but not the remainder of the query object, is shown in the "query" field rather than the originatingCommand field.

      In the profiler:

      • Legacy queries are upconverted to find commands.
      • Legacy getMores are upconverted to getMore commands. The original query is not recorded.

      In the logs:

      • No upconversion of either operation is performed.
      • Legacy getMore displays the original query's filter in the "query" field.

      Upconversion and display of legacy queries and getMores should be consistent across currentOp/profiler/logs, and in the case of getMores the original operation should be shown in the originatingCommand field.

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