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Out of memory error when dumping the database

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    • Affects Version/s: 3.4.3
    • Component/s: MMAPv1
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      ubuntu1604 x86_64
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      On a remote computer I execute:
      mongodump.exe /gzip /authenticationDatabase:admin /host myhost /u my-user /p my-password /j 5 /out:E:\DB-Dump

      On a remote computer I execute: mongodump.exe /gzip /authenticationDatabase:admin /host myhost /u my-user /p my-password /j 5 /out:E:\DB-Dump

      As suggested by Thomas Schubert in #SERVER-24709 I have created a separate issue:

      I am trying to create a complete dump of my database. This always fails after some hours because of a memory problem. The database to be dumped contains 3 large collections with documents of all size and grid.fs files of all size.

      The crash does happen approximately after the same run-time - usually when the gzipped bson dump is between 600 and 650GiB.

      The storage engine I use is MMAPv1.

      db version v3.4.3
      git version: f07437fb5a6cca07c10bafa78365456eb1d6d5e1
      OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2g 1 Mar 2016
      allocator: tcmalloc
      modules: none
      build environment:
      distmod: ubuntu1604
      distarch: x86_64
      target_arch: x86_64

      The VM has 3.9GB RAM. While dumping the database no other database operations were running. The system has 2GB (nearly unused) swap.

      I a second try I changed the OOM settings of Ubuntu which ended up that I had to reboot the complete VM because Mongo did consume every single bit of memory - even a local logon session was immediately killed by the OOM. Even stopping the dump process did not recover the VM.

      I have collected logs and diagnostic data with enabled heapProfilingEnabled=true. Where should I upload them?

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