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remove evalc.js and add currentOp to basicPlus.js's background operations.

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    • 3.4.7, 3.5.11
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    • v3.4
    • Query 2017-07-31
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      This test was created to test a race condition between the currentOp and count commands. The potential for a race exists between currentOp and all commands, so we should remove this test and add a currentOp to the set of operations performed by a background thread during basicPlus.js

      Original Description

      jstests/core/evalc.js uses an assert.soon to wait for another thread to complete a ton of calls to db.currentOp() before finally inserting a sentinel.

      The test mentions SERVER-1610, which appears to be some sort of race between an operation and the curOp command. This could perhaps be tested with an fsm test instead, since the failure scenario was a crash. This would also provide test coverage for related tickets SERVER-12497, SERVER-16506, and SERVER-19143, which all had failure scenarios that could be detected by the fsm framework. It looks like the fact that the count command was executed using db.eval() was important for triggering SERVER-12947, so we should probably include something like that in the new test.

      Note we already have test coverage for the correctness of the currentOp output in jstests/core/currentOp_query.js

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