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Implement FSM workload scheduler for concurrency_simultaneous task

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    • v3.6
    • TIG 2017-07-31, TIG 2018-06-04, TIG 2018-06-18
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      We'll want to port the scheduleWorkloads() function from JavaScript to Python so that resmoke.py is in control over the groups of FSM workloads that are run together. The behavior around the number of subsets an individual FSM workload can be a part of should be identical to what it is for the concurrency_simultaneous.yml test suite today.

      Additionally, specifying --suites=concurrency_simultaneous jstests/concurrency/fsm_workloads/workloadA.js jstests/concurrency/fsm_workloads/workloadB.js should run those two FSM workloads together rather than in sequence. That is to say, if a list of files is omitted then numSubsets groups of FSM workloads should be run and if a list of files is present then exactly 1 group of FSM workloads should be run. The latter aims to serve an engineer who wishes to reproduce a particular failure by running the same group of FSM workloads together.

            robert.guo@mongodb.com Robert Guo (Inactive)
            robert.guo@mongodb.com Robert Guo (Inactive)
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