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Remove keyPatternObj from splitChunk and splitChunkCommand logic

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    • Affects Version/s: 3.5.10
    • Component/s: Sharding
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      The KeyPattern of a particular shard can be fetched using the following call.

      ScopedCollectionMetadata collMetada;
      KeyPattern shardKeyPattern(collMetadata->getKeyPattern());

      Hence, it is unnecessary that the split chunk command must take in a BSONObj called keyPatternObj, as in the following code block.

      BSONObj keyPatternObj;
          BSONElement keyPatternElem;
          auto keyPatternStatus =
              bsonExtractTypedField(cmdObj, "keyPattern", Object, &keyPatternElem);
          if (!keyPatternStatus.isOK()) {
              errmsg = "need to specify the key pattern the collection is sharded over";
              return false;
          keyPatternObj = keyPatternElem.Obj();

      This keyPatternObj parameter can most likely be removed completely from the split chunk command.

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