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Update aggregation explain format to provide details of merge location

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    • 3.5.12
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    • Component/s: Aggregation Framework
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    • Query 2017-08-21, Query 2017-09-11

      Currently, when a sharded pipeline is explained, we expose a boolean field needsPrimaryShardMerger to indicate whether the merge part of the pipeline must be run on the database's primary shard. Given that SERVER-22760 will make it possible for mongoS to merge directly from the shards, this explain format should be updated to provide more detailed information.

      Some possible approaches include:

      • A string field mergerType which simply takes the value of mongos or mongod
      • A more detailed merger field identifying the shard or mongos which is to perform the merge. Note that in the case of a shard merge, this information may not be available at explain time.

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            bernard.gorman@mongodb.com Bernard Gorman
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