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Run the fuzzer with a permanent logical session



    • Backwards Compatibility:
      Fully Compatible
    • Sprint:
      TIG 2017-10-02


      New resmoke.py YAML suites and Evergreen tasks should be defined to run the fuzzer with a logical session in both a replica set and in a sharded cluster. The YAML suite should be adapted from the existing jstestfuzz_replication.yml, jstestfuzz_sharded.yml, and session_jscore_passthrough.yml suites where it'll run tests from the jstestfuzz/out/ directory against either a two-node replica set or a sharded cluster with two replica set shards.

      Note: The new suite need not define a TestData.runningWithSessions=true option since the fuzzer can implement configuration-specific blacklisting based on the presence of the "lsid" property in the command object.

      Additionally, the DriverSession#endSession() method on the session started by the jstests/libs/override_methods/enable_sessions.js script should be overridden as a no-op to ensure the fuzzer doesn't accidentally end the session.

      Names of new resmoke.py YAML suites
      • jstestfuzz_replication_session.yml
      • jstestfuzz_sharded_session.yml
      Names of new Evergreen tasks
      • jstestfuzz_replication_session
      • jstestfuzz_replication_session_WT
      • jstestfuzz_sharded_session
      • jstestfuzz_sharded_session_WT
      • jstestfuzz_concurrent_replication_session
      • jstestfuzz_concurrent_replication_session_WT
      • jstestfuzz_concurrent_sharded_session
      • jstestfuzz_concurrent_sharded_session_WT

      The new Evergreen tasks should be run on the following build variants:

      • Enterprise RHEL 6.2
      • Enterprise RHEL 6.2 (inMemory)
      • SSL Windows 2008R2
      • SSL OS X 10.10
      • ASAN SSL Ubuntu 16.04


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