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Add a version of retryable_writes_jscore_passthrough.yml with stepdowns

    • Fully Compatible
    • v3.6
    • Sharding 2017-10-02, Sharding 2017-10-23, Sharding 2017-11-13, Sharding 2017-12-04, Sharding 2017-12-18

      A new resmoke.py YAML suite and Evergreen tasks should be defined to run the tests from the jstests/core/ directory with primary stepdowns happening in the background. The YAML suite should be adapted from the existing retryable_writes_jscore_passthrough.yml suite where it'll additionally

      • Use the StepdownThread hook by adding it to the beginning of the hooks list. (see SERVER-30683)
      • Set all_nodes_electable=true as an option for the ReplicaSetFixture so that the secondary has a non-zero priority and the mongo shell is given a replica set connection string. (see SERVER-30685)
      • load()'s the auto-retry logic from SERVER-30953 in addition to jstests/libs/override_methods/enable_sessions.js override.

      Note: Any tests which cannot be run with the auto-retry logic from SERVER-30953 should be tagged with a "requires_getmore" string (or similar), and use the "exclude_with_any_tags" property in the YAML suite definition rather than excluding a long list of tests that we'd need to repeat in other variations.

      Names of new resmoke.py YAML suites
      • retryable_writes_jscore_stepdown_passthrough.yml
      Names of new Evergreen tasks
      • retryable_writes_jscore_stepdown_passthrough_WT

      The new Evergreen tasks should be run on the following build variants:

      • Enterprise RHEL 6.2
      • Enterprise RHEL 6.2 (inMemory)
      • Windows 2008R2 DEBUG
      • SSL OS X 10.10
      • ASAN Enterprise SSL Ubuntu 16.04 DEBUG
      • UBSAN Enterprise Ubuntu 16.04 DEBUG
      • Enterprise RHEL 6.2 DEBUG Code Coverage

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