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JS Error: out of memory leading to segfaults



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    • 1.8.1
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      Full details are at http://foswiki.org/Tasks/Item10672?section=mongodb-user2#Crash_5 (and even more details at http://foswiki.org/Tasks/Item10672).

      We tested for two weeks before putting into production, a new version of our application (Foswiki) using MongoDB 1.8.1 as a query-cache/accelerator. There were no unexplained instabilities. In production now though, we can run the site for a couple of days, but at least twice a week we are getting segfaults in whichever mongod happens to be the primary.

      It's not a sudden thing - we get these spurious JS Error: out of memory and Assertion: 10432:JS_NewObject failed for global warnings in the log, for an hour or two, before the mongod process segfaults.

      The problem is extremely hard to reproduce; we haven't been able to reproduce ourselves, in our test environment, using artificial loads (our production site is public to the Internet).

      seta.log.022c is a snippet leading up to the latest segfault.

      seta.log.022b is a snippet leading up to and including the first few minutes of problems after running fine for a couple of days.

      Both are using -vvvvv verbosity, which generates ~10GB/day of log files (extremely burdensome), so I've filtered them using grep -v ^checking


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