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profile_getmore.js does not tolerate killCursors command

    • Type: Icon: Bug Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 3.4.10, 3.6.0-rc0
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    • Component/s: Querying
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    • v3.4
    • Query 2017-10-23
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      The profile_getmore.js test creates a cursor and assigns its client-side DBQuery representation to a variable called cursor:


      It then leaves this cursor open on the server, while the client assigns a second DBQuery object to the cursor variable:


      The abandoned cursor, however, may now be garbage collected by the shell at any time. When a DBQuery is garbage collected, it issues a killCursors command to the server in order to clean up any server-side state. Therefore, after line 81, a killCursors command may at any arbitrary point during the test's execution be issued against the database under test. The test's assertions are not prepared to handle such a command appearing in the system.profile entry. We must fix the test to either

      1. tolerate the possibility of a killCursors command, or
      2. be careful to close the cursor before abandoning it.

            david.storch@mongodb.com David Storch
            david.storch@mongodb.com David Storch
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