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[repl writer worker 4] terminate() called in my secondery node.

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      my replicaset consists of one primary node, one secondery node and one arbitery node. Recently´╝îmy secondry node terminate very frequently. By checking the log, I found some documents are too large, but not all of the document cause the termination. Here is the last two log before secondery down:

      Unable to find source-code formatter for language: log. Available languages are: actionscript, ada, applescript, bash, c, c#, c++, cpp, css, erlang, go, groovy, haskell, html, java, javascript, js, json, lua, none, nyan, objc, perl, php, python, r, rainbow, ruby, scala, sh, sql, swift, visualbasic, xml, yaml
      2017-12-31T16:41:10.748+0800 F -        [repl writer worker 4] terminate() called. An exception is active; attempting to gather more information
      2017-12-31T16:41:10.872+0800 F -        [repl writer worker 4] DBException::toString(): 10334 BSONObj size: 17027099 (0x103D01B) is invalid. Size must be between 0 and 16793600(16MB) First element: 0:

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