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Overload startParallelShell in auto_retry_on_network_error.js to connect after loading the auto_retry_on_network_error.js override

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      In the retryable_writes_jscore_stepdown_passthrough, startParallelShell is called with the connection string of the underlying replica set, so it immediately calls connect to set the global db object. If there is a stepdown during connect, the test will fail, because the auto_retry_on_network_error.js override is not loaded yet.

      This was also a problem for the main test shell, and it was fixed by starting the shell with --nodb and passing an eval string that calls connect after loading the auto_retry passthrough. startParallelShell should be overriden in auto_retry_on_network_error.js to do the same thing.

            jack.mulrow@mongodb.com Jack Mulrow
            jack.mulrow@mongodb.com Jack Mulrow
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