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Force cleanup of possibly remaining partial data (from failed collection/database drop) when rerunning dropCollection command

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    • v4.2, v4.0, v3.6
    • Sharding 2019-05-06, Sharding 2019-06-17, Sharding 2019-07-15, Sharding 2019-07-29, Sharding 2019-08-12
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      As described in SERVER-17397, with the way sharded collection/database create and drop are implemented currently, it is possible that a failed create or drop operation might leave around partial information such as incomplete chunks or collection entries. This forces administrators to do manual cleanup and poses the risk of corrupting data due to human error.

      We should implement `cleanupOrphanedCollection`/`cleanupOrphanedDatabase` commands, which perform this cleanup and do proper checking and synchronization.

      The code for these manual commands will eventually become the basis for implementing consistent drops using a resumable task queue.

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