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subtract capped deletes from fastcount during replication recovery

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    • 4.0.0-rc6, 4.1.1
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    • v4.0
    • Repl 2018-06-04, Repl 2018-06-18
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      The following "algebra" should explain what's happening currently. One question is, do capped deletes get undone when we recover to a timestamp. Assuming they do get undone, we have the following.

      itcount and fastcount at stable timestamp = A
      Operations between stable timestamp and common point = B 
      capped deletes between stable timestamp and common point = Cd1

      Operations between common point and top of oplog = Diff
      capped deletes between common point and top of oplog = Cd2
      itcount and fastcount when rollback begins = A + B + Diff - Cd1 - Cd2
      — recover to stable timestamp ----
      itcount = A
      fastcount = A + B + Diff - Cd1 - Cd2
      — replication recovery —
      Operations during replication recovery = B
      capped deletes during replication recovery = Cd3
      itcount after replication recovery = A + B - Cd3
      fast count = ??? (depending on collections marked for size adjustment)
      — reset counts after rollback by Diff —
      itcount = A + B - Cd3
      fastcount = A + B + Diff - Cd1 - Cd2 - Diff = A + B - Cd1 - Cd2
      This is a problem since we have no idea of Cd1 and Cd2. If, however, capped deletes are not undone (i.e. they're not timestamped), then itcount after recover to stable timestamp is A - Cd1 - Cd2, and the itcount after replication recovery = A + B - Cd1 - Cd2 - Cd3.
      In that case we can just subtract Cd3 to be correct. It should be safe for capped deletes to not recover to a timestamp since users expect it to be safe for them to get aged out anyways.


      We can either keep track of the capped deletions and subtract them out, or turn off capped deletion during replication recovery and do it all at once at the end.


      I think this applies to both rollback and replication recovery during startup, but there may be a reason it doesn't happen at startup.

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