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Operations on new clients get latest in-memory clusterTime as operationTime



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    • Sharding 2018-06-18
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      When computing operationTime for a response, the "client operation time" at the start of a command is compared to the time at the end. There are some error contexts where there is no start operation time, so if the start time is a null logical time, the latest in-memory cluster time is returned.

      The start time is computed by getting the opTime of the last op on the current client. If a client hasn't been used before though, this can be null, which results in a null start time and the returned operationTime will be the latest in-memory time, even for successful operations.

      This does not violate causal consistency, but it can create problems in our test infrastructure when the no-op writer is off, because it's possible the latest in-memory clusterTime is a higher than the latest opTime in a replica set primary's oplog. In particular, when secondaries force metadata refreshes on the primary, they use the operationTime of _forceRouterConfigUpdate to do a waitUntilOpTime (which bypasses forced no-op writes) and can hang forever.

      Possible solutions would be:

      • Distinguishing between not having a start time at all and running on a new client (possibly with a boost::optional or new sentinel logical time value)
      • Changing computeOperationTime to return the lastAppliedOpTime instead of the latest in-memory time when there is no start time
      • Using the lastAppliedOpTime as the start client operation time if the client has no last op

      This is new behavior introduced by the refactoring in SERVER-34843. It also exacerbates SERVER-31887, since successful requests can receive an operationTime not in the primary's oplog.


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