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_isSelf command needs to be marked requiresAuth false

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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 3.6.17, 4.0.0, 4.1.1
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    • Component/s: Internal Code
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    • v3.6
    • Platforms 2018-06-04, Platforms 2018-06-18
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      The _isSelf command can be issued while digesting a replica set config if we cannot determine the "is self" answer by other means. Those other means seem to be unable to determine the "is self" on some platforms [*], so we fall back to issuing an _isSelf on the network.

      In the referenced BFs, this was happening in a restarted single-node replica set. When it restarts, it issues _isSelf and fails because it has no key file (single-node replica sets don't think they need a key file) and so won't accept __system user commands.

      The fix is to just override _isSelf's Command to make requiresAuth() return false.

      [*] Debian builders and on my Ubuntu 18.04 workstation, but not other evergreen builders like RHEL.

            billy.donahue@mongodb.com Billy Donahue
            billy.donahue@mongodb.com Billy Donahue
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