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view_catalog_cycle_lookup.js should not always assert that finds on views will succeed

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    • v4.0
    • Query 2018-07-02, Query 2018-07-16
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      view_catalog_cycle_lookup.js continually remaps views to views, views to collection, and then reads from views. In the readFromView state, it asserts that a find on a view will always succeed. However, the aggregation command releases the collection lock before creating and iterating the cursor. In this short window of time, it's possible that a collection was dropped and replaced with a view. Then, DocumentSourceCursor::loadBatch() will throw upon acquiring locks because the underlying namespace is a view, not a collection.

      This ticket is a request to change the test to be more resilient to these types of failures.

            kyle.suarez@mongodb.com Kyle Suarez
            kyle.suarez@mongodb.com Kyle Suarez
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