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Unhelpful Message String in db.getFreeMonitoringStatus()

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    • 4.0.2, 4.1.2
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    • Platforms 2018-07-30, Platforms 2018-08-13

      When we're unable to immediately get a free monitoring URL, we continue to retry in the background. While we haven't yet completed the registration and received a valid URL endpoint for the free monitoring, we have an unhelpful message in the status output:

      test@mongolord> db.enableFreeMonitoring()
      Successfully initiated free monitoring. The registration is proceeding in the background. 
      Run db.getFreeMonitoringStatus() at any time to check on the progress.
      test@mongolord> db.getFreeMonitoringStatus()
          "state" : "pending",
          "message" : "",
          "url" : "",
          "userReminder" : "",
          "ok" : 1
      test@mongolord> db.getFreeMonitoringStatus()
          "state" : "disabled",
          "message" : "To see your monitoring data, navigate to the unique URL below. Anyone you share the URL with will also be able to view this page. You can disable monitoring at any time by running db.disableFreeMonitoring().",
          "url" : "https://cloud.mongodb.com/freemonitoring/cluster/QJPXX5WZG6FS5NJXNU4GEZKZCEA5LLXE",
          "userReminder" : "",
          "ok" : 1


      I would expect registration failures to be quite common due to firewalls, etc. We should make the error message as informative as possible. For example, when we're unable to reach the Cloud endpoint(s):

          "message" : "Unable to reach Cloud service. Please check your firewall settings to ensure that we can communicate with <Service IP/hostname>"

      Or when we're able to communicate with the Cloud endpoint but get no response back:

          "message" : "Unable to receive responses back from Cloud service. Please ensure that network ingress is allowed from <Service IP/hostname>"

      When we have no idea why we haven't yet succeeded we can default to a generic message:

          "message" : "Unable to complete registration, will continue to re-try"


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